Date: March 22, 2014
Venue: Shaw

The Defensive Driving Seminar was attended with PEPSI MTO Sales. The whole day event took place last March 22, 2014.

There were almost 30 students who participated the event. It aims to educate all the Filipino drivers to become a responsible and defensive motorist.

Head of Tuason Racing School, Mr. JP Tuason jumpstarted the first half of the activity, which is the seminar.

After a couple of slide Mr. JP Tuason, ask the crowd what are the top causes of accident, and those who join the question and answer portion receive a token from TRS.

There were tips discussed to avoid accident and save lives. And with this every important slide there’s a video and pictures shown to help emphasize the importance of each lecture.

After the first part, students were introduced to the actual driver assessment, which they have to drive the car with the instructor sat beside them, they will grade them based on the observations and actual driving of the participants.

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