In 2003, a new light shone on the Philippine road scene. JP Tuason, son of the racing legend Arthur Tuason, established the Tuason Racing School Driver Development Academy Program (TRS DDA). This is four years since the establishment of the county’s first and only professional racing school, the Tuason Racing School.

JP Tuason himself is a veteran of the racing track, with more than two decades of racing experience under his belt. He had also undertaken research and training from some of the world’s most renowned training programs, such as BMW M Driver Training, Bob Bondurant, Skip Barber, Michael Andretti, and Richard Petty. Along with his wife who is equally passionate about the race, Tuason works hard to elevate the Filipino racing scene to global standards. Now, he takes his crusade to the place where everyone steps out everyday: the streets.

Unlike TRS, which aims to develop racing skills and Speed, the TRS DDA focuses on the everyday driver. It places emphasis on road safety, utilizing seminars and road safety courses as a means of effecting positive change. It aims to give back to the local community by helping make the road a safer place for all.

Since its inception thirteen years ago now, the TRS DDA has drawn knowledge from several credible sources and seminars. This includes the US National Safety Council, Belgium’s Peugeot Driving School (affiliated with Belgium’s Royal Automobile Club), and the Goodyear Tire Factory.